Document Management System

OkDocu lets you manage, store, secure and share your documents


OkDocu is the most secure and versatile Document Management System. Access all your files from one unified place. Focus on more important parts of your business and stop worrying about where the files are stored.

In the cloud

OkDocu is a cloud Document Management System delivered in the SaaS model. Forget about application servers, storage hardware, backups and security, the full cloud solution provides maximum security and scalability.

Hybrid model

If you have strong IT resources you may choose to keep your sensitive documents in your own organization. In that case a hybrid model could be a better solution for you, combining services in the cloud with local storage.



Tag all your files with the most flexible tool. OkDocu can manage very complex and fully customizable metadata structures, including time and spatial references.

Secure Sharing

Share selected documents with other teams or even with people outside your organization. Create secure links to download the files with expiration time and the use of two-factor authentication.

Special Drive

Synchronize your local disk and network drives files with your cloud storage. Just drag and drop your documents into OkDocu Drive and work on them immediately.

Intuitive Interface

A familiar and self explanatory interface will let your team start using OkDocu without a long learning phase.


Setup your own rules and let OkDocu tag all your files automatically based on their name, path and attributes.

Document Locking

Check-out your documents, edit them and when you are ready, save them and check-in again.


Keep track of all the changes made by you or your team over time and retrieve previous versions of your documents.

Powerful Search

Search your documents by the file name, attributes, metadata or even text in the documents content. Draw results from multiple sources.


Execute efficient spatial searches on your documents using latitude and longitude coordinates. Search by distance or use the polygon tool.


Create rules-based workflows to manage the flow of the documents through your team or organization.


Assign different privileges to users and groups. Control what can be seen or edited by each user. Give access to documents based on their type or attributes.

Smart Tagging

Classify your documents automatically with OkDocu AI tools and save your and your team's time reducing misclassification.

Get ready to leap into the future with OkDocu